Debuting at the Shed Builder Expo
Wed, Sep 29, 2021 – Thu, Sep 30, 2021
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cal is a comprehensive software solution for shed and carport dealers. It is also fully integrated with your Idearoom Integration. Every time a customer creates an order through Idearoom and submits for a quote, CAL automatically captures their information and creates a customer profile and brings down their order. Any design changes by your team or the customer are also captured, but once the order is agreed upon and a deposit is received that order can no longer be edited, eliminating any misunderstandings between what was ordered and any future changes.

CAL’s CRM allows for efficient customer management and communication. Fulfillment, delivery scheduling and payment processing are easy to navigate and use. No more exporting, no more sticky notes, no more looking for order sheets or invoices. CAL simplifies selling a shed or carport by handling the rest of the ordering process from Idearoom to Delivery.

Schedule a 30 minute demo to determine if CAL is a good fit for your business.