Simplify your rent-to-own sales process

From contract templates, to payments, to eSigning, RTO Hub makes it easy to receive contracts from your dealers

Affordable RTO Software Solutions for the Small to Medium size independent RTO companies

Why CAL RTO Contract Hub 

As we have added more Shed and Carport companies onto the CAL platform, we also added their RTO Partners and configurators. During this process, we learned how to create RTO contracts, digitally sign them and forward them to their respective RTO companies. 

We realized early on that there are a lot of moving pieces in getting a signed contract to the RTO company and then the RTO company has a host of other processes on their end to implement the contract. And to compound the issues, today’s consumers are using their phones, tablets and computers to shop for sheds, carports, gazebos, etc. 

Today’s Dealer’s and Manufacturer’s want a smooth and integrated Customer Experience. Add in the new challenges of higher interest rates and inflation, saving time and money is even more important for your team. CAL helps by creating less friction in the sales process and then helps you process those Contracts more efficiently.

CAL was created to serve your team and help them connect to the new and different ways customers and the Portable building industries are engaging. In the end customers want the sales and delivery process to be simple and as easy to navigate as you do. 

In addition to using the CAL RTO Contract Hub, you can white label our CAL POS for your manufacturer’s and Dealer’s to use or they can sign up for the CAL POS themselves and we can connect it to your CAL Hub.

Ask us how CAL’s RTO Contract Hub can assist your Manufacturer’s and Dealer’s to close more deals and process them more efficiently.

Tristan Klesick 


CAL Features 

  • Simple, effective POS for your Manufacturer’s and Dealers to use..
  • Buy Outright and RTO checkout processes
    • For Manufacturers and Dealers 
    • E Commerce (let the customers fill out the RTO Contracts online)
  • RTO Contract Integration
    • Digital RTO PRO contract creation 
    • Custom Contract Creation
    • Digital signing
      • Text, Email, Sign on device
  • RTO Pro Integration
    • We import the contracts directly into RTO Pro
    • We can import them into your own Proprietary System
    • Integrated with Clearent CC processing
  • Payment method
    • ACH, Credit Card, Offline payments
    • Dealer kept for commission accounts 
    • Dealers can also upload Checks via ACH eliminating the wait time to receive payments
  • Custom Contracts
    • MS Word document loader (easily upload your contracts)
    • Customizable per Manufacturer or Dealer
    • Customizable by Region
    • Easily update divisors and contracts
    • Customizable by product type
      • Gazebo, Chicken coops, Portable buildings, Carports

CAL Integrations

  • Industry Integrations with IdeaRoom, Shedpro, Sheds, JMAG, Scott’s RTO, Heartland Capital, RTO Pro, Clearent and Sheds for Sale. 
  • Add your own Manufacturers and Dealers – we are willing to integrate if they are.
  • Have your own Proprietary Contract management system, let’s talk.


  • Subscription $ 299/mo
  • Contract Signatures $2.50/signature request
  • RTO Contracts $2.50/Contract created

+Signature envelope $2.50/contract. This is a variable cost and is billed at the end of each month.

One Time Fees  

Set up and Onboarding is $4000 for our base integration. Onboarding and Setting up your RTO Contracts depends on several factors, like how many states, how many manufacturers and dealers, do you want a stand alone web instance or tie into CAL or other systems.  Additional customizations requested to further tailor the RTO Hub to your processes and procedures will be quoted after our discovery process.

Let’s have a conversation.

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