Affordable, Simplified, and Scalable Solutions

for the Shed, Carport and RTO Industry

CAL integrates all necessary components to drive your business into one seamless experience.  From hosting to delivery notifications we combine all of your IT needs into a product that we manage so you don’t have to.  Explore the Product Features to see how we can help you unlock your time and business potential.

Specialized Commerce Solutions

Seamless Integration

“Working with CAL is a pleasure. At WorkWave we are driven to deliver value to our customers, and CAL not only does that with our WorkWave Route Manager for optimized routing, but with their integrated suite as a complete solution for their customers.”
Neil Hooper
VP, Global Channel & Alliances, WorkWave

A note from Tristan

I was once where many small businesses are today, trying to catch up to the ever-changing landscape of digital sales, fulfillment, and delivery services. My clients continued to demand more of us in the digital world while all we wanted to do was to continue to provide them with the best organic produce around. 

In short, we were trapped in the web of trying to learn each of the many plugins (and logins) on the back end of our WordPress website, losing time and money. Serving our software systems rather than properly serving our customers led to the development of a better way, CAL. Built with an intentional focus on efficient scalabilityCAL was born with an understanding of the importance of saving resources while focusing on new opportunities to grow.

Incorporating CAL into Klesick’s allowed our team to multitask and consolidate three positions into one, repositioning our human capital into other critical areas of our business. Once I saw the change and success in our own business, I quickly decided that this software should benefit other small businesses as well. From the moment we launched CAL, our clients have experienced the benefits of minimizing human error and reallocating human capital.

Now more than ever with the challenges of Covid-19 affecting the world so greatly, the timing to share CAL felt even more necessary. Our business was able to get more nimble and prepared to handle the 400+ new customers that signed up per week. 

With CAL supporting your team, your website, and your brand, you’ll be able to meet your clients where they’re at and meet their needs. You can say goodbye to hours spent training staff with a high turnover rate and expensive labor fees; and most importantly you can say hello to new business opportunities, better communication, and effortless customer experience.  

I’m certain that without having invested in the development of CAL, Klesick’s would not be in business today. CAL transformed our business while saving our team money. It’s the mission of our team to bless more businesses with this central hub of tools to better the customer experience, especially during these challenging times.