Operations & Logistics

CAL is not only easy and simple for your customers to use, but CAL really shines when it comes to managing your customers, ordering, reporting and fulfillment. With so many processes automated, one person working remotely could facilitate ordering, packing and delivery operations with a few clicks. And because CAL is easy to use, team member cross training is another great asset to running your small business profitably.

We created CAL because our family business experienced 3-4x growth in a 30 day period during the early days of the COVID Pandemic (At that point we invested in making CAL available to other small businesses). CAL scaled that growth without needing any additional office help. Of course we needed more drivers and packers, but CAL helped our current office team onboard, aggregate the orders, map them, collect payments and roll the orders forward to the customers next delivery frequency.

Small businesses need easy to use and efficient tools, especially with the difficulty in finding enough help to grow your business.