The CRM portion in CAL is user friendly and all customer information is in one tab making accessing customer data simple and efficient. Need to know what the customer received last week, open the orders tab, need to email the customer click on their email, need to invoice or credit, no problem. Everything you need to manage and communicate with your customer or client is on their tab.

The CAL customer page allows you to quickly search for any customer by typing 3 letters or numbers of their last name, first name, email or phone number to find customers. This is especially helpful if they have thicker accent or the handwriting on the phone message wasn’t easily read.

Changes are done in real time and CAL also allows your team, through a unique feature, to “shop as the customer” and take over their session to help the customer complete their order or update payment information.

Serving your customers is important and having to go to several different tabs or even different websites is inefficient and takes time. We built our CRM to make it easier for your team to quickly and efficiently serve your clients/customers.