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Our well-structured logistics management software connects customer experience to back office systems to communicate and align leadership-level strategy, to on-the-ground team implementation


CRM :: Customer Experience

A proactive CRM module that anticipates customer needs, and instantly communicates them to the back office for efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction


Inventory Management & Fulfillment

Seamless adaptability for inventory management and fulfillment interfacing


Shipping Stations & Fleet

Fully integrated delivery logistics for speed and convenience. Scalable platform for competitiveness, efficiency, reputation management and quality control maximizing return on resources

Overwhelmed by a multitude of plugins to support your WooCommerce platform? cal can help.

Struggling to integrate online orders to fulfillment? cal can help.

Is your payment processing an isolated component of your operations? cal can help.



Seamless Integration

Detailed Feature List

+ CRM :: Customer Experience​

  • Sync inventory with order forecast
  • Real-time item costs for replacements
  • Customer order history
  • Variable Vendors
    • Week Totals, Offsets
    • Variable Boxes, Budgets
    • Vendor Order List
    • Retain Menu History
Cart / Checkout (new customer); My Account (existing customer)
  • Per-item frequency
  • Card transaction postponed to the delivery day
  • Browse by images, or add from the shopping list
  • Live Box Menu
  • Live search
  • Wildcard Expressions, i.e. spellings, accents, spouses, etc.
  • Admin Add Customer
Edit Customer
  • One-Stop-Shop for all customer interaction and history
  • Alleviates having to search through multiple plugins to find your information
    • Training new employees much easier and faster
  • One-click email templates; Merge fields
  • Click-to-Call Phone / SMS
  • Password Reset
  • Shop as Customer; inherits live cart
    • See exactly what the customer is seeing and doing on-site
  • All AJAX; no page reloads allowed,
  • Highlight tab on success/failure
  • Products Tab: Space-separated product search; simple and variable, draft visible/disabled, NS-filtered
  • Per-product editing
    • Date, price, discount, variable frequencies, expiration, box contents, hover history, D&D
  • Order actions; print packing sheet, label, emails, copy, create, map, etc
  • Builds stock WC Order; consistency, reports, accuracy, price calculation, tax, forecast, interoperability
  • Addresses Tab: variable, payments, discount, fee, pin placement, set default, WA tax sync, affiliates
  • Order Tab: AJAX items, box hover, send an invoice, refund/credit items, box contents, portal, delivery time
Payments Tab
  • Variable Methods; cards, cash, check, adjustments, add/remove/charge/void/refund card
Notes Tab
  • Variable addresses, frequencies, and types: once/recurring, packing / delivery / invoice / admin
Activity Tab
  • All customer activity logged: add/remove/update product, email sent/opened, invoice, etc
  • CRM Customer Frontend
  • No more Cart or Checkout
  • The cart still available for those that like to browse images/categories
  • Schedule Delivery, change the delivery date, frequency, sale items (synced with emails)
  • Cutoff date/time displayed, order editing lockdown
  • Add Address, Add Payment Method, Make Payment, Payment history
  • View Box Menu, auto-updates based on their delivery day
  • Order history, One-click reorder deliver
  • No API
  • Background notification queue: reminders, invoices, card declines, meat share cut sheets, etc
  • Sent and opened history
  • Filter by route, delivery day, notification type, include menu, sale products, merge fields, queue, last-minute
  • Settings
    • Integrations: Twilio, Workwave, Google Maps
    • Manual Order processing if necessary, automated background CRON job if not

+ Inventory Management & Fulfillment

  • WC_Order makes consistent code, search, filtering, etc
  • Live/AJAX search; filters for date, status, category, tag, product
  • All reports formatted for 8×11 print, no page breaks, broken by route/vehicle, etc
  • Totals: inventory, simple and variable (unique)
  • Quantity highlight, box totals, label control, pre-formatted Avery layout
Company-specific reports
  • Trimmable items, Substitutions, Freezer / Cooler items, Grocery / Inventory
  • Customers: Who got what when (Refunds/credits, Traceability/Recalls, Meat Shares)
  • Prices: Update simple/variable products with vendor price sheets, see who has what product schedule
Fulfillment Reports
  • Overview: New/Returning Customers, categories, excluded sales, weekly intervals
  • Sales by category
  • Taxes: WA sales tax buckets
  • Delivery: graphs, driver times and accountability
  • Maps: Address lookups, Previous Orders, Upcoming Orders, Polygon Vehicle Assignment
  • Payments: Upload checks from bank scan/export in CSV
  • WC Scheduled Actions for background processes
    Storefront Theme with mobile-friendly customizations, custom endpoints for easy WC Integration
  • Compatible with USAePay, Stripe, payment gateways, or none.
    Works for deliveries with mapping/routing, or shipping via mail, or none.

+ Shipping Stations / Delivery​

Address / Mapping
  • Corrects mistyped addresses (avoids shipping delays, errors, reshipping, etc)
  • Speeds Checkout
  • Geolocation Lat/Long coordinates
  • Assign delivery route / day
  • Log Lookups: in area, out of the area, already a customer
  • Polygon-select routes, assign vehicles
  • Web app for iPad (not native on purpose)
  • Name, address, and product filtering
  • Estimated Delivery Times
  • Tabs for show/hide customs, delivery sequence, reverse for loading
  • Live-syncs with WorkWave, customer service, add stops on the fly
  • New and Returning customer flags
  • Auto-queue invoice on delivery (2-minute intervals); Live-update Workwave,
  • Customer service
  • Enables drop-spots, quickly fix delivery errors
  • Driver inputs for items left or returned, i.e. bags, ice, auto-applied credits/charges, appended to invoice
  • Driver Inputs for cash or check payments appended to invoice

Working with cal is a pleasure. At WorkWave we are driven to deliver value to our customers, and cal not only does that with our WorkWave Route Manager for optimized routing, but with their integrated suite as a complete solution for their customers.

Neil Hooper
VP, Global Channel & Alliances, WorkWave

A note from Tristan

I was once where many small businesses are today, trying to catch up to the ever-changing landscape of digital sales, fulfillment, and delivery services. My clients continued to demand more of us in the digital world while all we wanted to do was to continue to provide them with the best organic produce around. 

In short, we were trapped in the web of trying to learn each of the many plugins (and logins) on the back end of our WordPress website, losing time and money. Serving our software systems rather than properly serving our customers led to the development of a better way, cal. Built with an intentional focus on efficient scalability. cal was born with an understanding of the importance of saving resources while focusing on new opportunities to grow. 

Incorporating cal into Klesick’s allowed our team to multitask and consolidate three positions into one, repositioning our human capital into other critical areas of our business. Once I saw the change and success in our own business, I quickly decided that this software should benefit other small businesses as well. From the moment we launched cal, our clients have experienced the benefits of minimizing human error and reallocating human capital. 

Now more than ever with the challenges of Covid-19 affecting the world so greatly, the timing to share cal felt even more necessary. Our business was able to get more nimble and prepared to handle the 400+ new customers that signed up per week. 

With cal supporting your team, your website, and your brand, you’ll be able to meet your clients where they’re at and meet their needs. You can say goodbye to hours spent training staff with a high turnover rate and expensive labor fees; and most importantly you can say hello to new business opportunities, better communication, and effortless customer experience.  

I’m certain that without having invested in the development of cal, Klesick’s would not be in business today. cal transformed our business while saving our team money. It’s the mission of our team to bless more businesses with this central hub of tools to better the customer experience, especially during these challenging times.

Tristan Klesick
cal Founder
Klesick’s / Organic Produce Home Delivery