Cal is a comprehensive software solution for shed and carport Manufacturers and dealers.

No more exporting, no more sticky notes, no more looking for order sheets or invoices. CAL simplifies selling a shed or carport by handling the rest of the ordering process from Order creation to final delivery.

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Shed Expo show special save 40% off Setup and Onboarding cost.

CAL’s order creation process is quick and efficient and supports Buy Outright and RTO Pro and produces a digital contract. We have RTO partnerships in place with JMAG and Heartland Capital. If you use another RTO company or handle your RTO In house we can add it to CAL.

CAL’s CRM allows for efficient customer management and communication. Fulfillment, delivery scheduling, payment processing, sales tax and commission reports are dynamic and easy to use. Use your Hubspot/Salesforce, etc, to get new leads and CAL when they become customers.

CAL is fully integrated with IdeaRoom and whether your team or a customer creates an order using your IdeaRoom, CAL automatically creates a customer from the form submission and allows you to efficiently process their order. CAL also handles customer changes and tracks them through the ordering and fulfillment process.

New to IdeaRoom? We have access to the IdeaRoom (with IdeaRoom Subscription) configurators for Lark, Yoder, Thrifty, and Handi House buildings. We also have a “generic” shed IdeaRoom configurator that is an excellent choice for smaller manufacturers of Wood buildings.

Don’t have IdeaRoom? CAL works as a stand alone software platform as well and if you decide to add IdeaRoom in the future, no problem.

“IdeaRoom is focused on working with technology partners who empower our clients to be more efficient & successful.” 

Dan VanOrden, Co-founder

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CAL makes selling and delivering a shed easier, efficient, and more affordable.


Our pricing is based on units* sold as opposed to revenue. Basing pricing on units places the emphasis on what you are producing, not on material surcharges or other expenses that you need to pass on to your customers that cause your prices to increase and revenue increase.
Average Units* Sold/mo and is Updated annually.

0-49 Units$399
50-99 Units$549
100-199 Units$699
+Signature envelope $2.50/contract. This is a variable cost and is billed at the end of each month.**

One Time Fees

Set up and Onboarding costs $2500 SHED EXPO special $1500 (40% savings) good through September 30, 2022.
Website basic 4 pages, if needed $500 or Add a Web based store to your existing website $500

*A Unit is defined as a Shed, Carport, Gazebo, Screened Porches, Play structures, etc. Anchors, Ramps and additional ancillary products are not considered a “Unit” when determining your tier pricing.
**Usually one signature Envelope is enough to cover each sale.